Not Music, But Still Nominated for a Grammy

I won’t be watching the upcoming Grammy Awards (I gave up on them years ago).  But I feel the need to share one of the Best Comedy Album nominees with you.  The comedian’s name is Tig Notaro, and her album is Live.  I watched her on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson recently, and found out she was nominated for the recording of what might be the single most stunning moment in stand-up comedy history.

I remember reading about this set shortly after it happened.  It was like a nuclear bomb going off in the entertainment world.  Her strength is amazing.  The way she takes the horrible cards life had dealt her at that point and turns them into a figurative royal flush is amazing.  She mesmerizes her audience.  Everything in this recording is visceral, stunning and moving.  It’s also pretty goddamn funny.

Tig Notaro is the favorite to win the Grammy on Sunday, and she should.  It’s one of the best recordings I’ve ever heard.  It only costs about $5, so treat yourself to something awesome, and download a copy.  (I paid a dollar extra for the “deluxe” version on itunes; the second set is from another performance.)

BTW, the album is titled Live, but it’s not pronounced with the long “i,” as in “Live from New York!”  It’s the short “i.”  And after a double mastectomy, I hope that Tig Notaro continues to live on.

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  1. I saw her on tv. She is very talented — hilarious! You have to be in order to make people laugh on this subject.

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