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“Return to Roan Inish 2”

Posted by purplemary54 on February 21, 2012

If there is a heaven in the traditional Judeo-Christian sense, then it will be filled with Irish music.

Seriously, this is the kind of stuff you should expect if you’re going to be walking through pearly gates somewhere in the (hopefully distant) future.  It is joyous and soaring and just the tiniest bit wistful.  There are tears in this music, but they often get drowned out by the laughter.  It can be bawdy, carnal and drunk in a good-natured way.  It can be charmingly homespun.  And while it is of this world, it clearly leaves the door open to another one.

I don’t know much of Mason Daring’s work other than the soundtrack to The Secret of Roan Inish (which is one of the loveliest movies I’ve ever seen).  This particular track sort of conveys the general feeling of the whole.  But I feel transported to another place when I hear this.  It’s a nice place, too–very green, smells a little of rain and beer, everyone is really friendly.  You can go there to.

Note: I included a YouTube clip of the song because I couldn’t find an audio file to sample, and I wasn’t sure if I using the one on my computer violated copyright.  You can buy it on itunes if you want it.


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