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Posted by purplemary54 on March 16, 2012

Or not.  I’m feeling a little drained right now, physically and emotionally, so mania of any sort is pretty much off the menu.  I had two job interviews today (one was on the phone, so I didn’t have to look like a grown-up).  I made dinner (nothing fancy), and got the corned beef and cabbage ready for the slow cooker.  Watched Duke lose (yay!).  And let a friend rant about her life for a little while.  It’s not exactly an action-packed day, but I feel a little out of it anyway.

When I feel the need for a little peace and renewal, I make a cup of tea (or have a Coke) and listen to The Beatles.  Sometimes the routine changes–maybe add a little chocolate, maybe listen to some solo Lennon–but that’s pretty much it.  I’m not very good at meditating regularly; I should, but I’d doze off if I did it now (some might say that’s my body doing what it needs, but I try to keep napping and meditating separate).  I don’t play any sports or anything like that.  Music and a comforting beverage is how I get myself back to me.

I started off with “Dear Prudence,” a song that never fails to make me smile.  The White Album is probably my favorite Late Beatles (Help is my favorite Early Beatles), although it’s hard to pin down why.  They were so fractured at this point, and it shows.  Not just in the obvious separation between the boys, but in the lack of coherence.  The White Album sometimes seems a little like it has multiple personality disorder.  From tender love songs to scathing commentary to comedy to avant-garde art.  It’s not just that the center does not hold; there is no center to hold on to.  For someone like me, who really enjoys a nice, stable routine, this is a bit disconcerting.

And to keep the disorder coming, I’ve skipped on to Beatles for Sale.  I guess I’m not feeling focused enough for one song tonight.  I can already tell I’ll be skipping ahead after a couple of songs.  But I feel better.  Really, any music I’m in the mood for will do, although The Beatles are on the short list of artists that always fix whatever ails me.  A little electric guitar.  Some good solid drumming.  Verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-fade out.  That’s about all I really need.  It fills in whatever empty spots there are and lifts me out of whatever doldrums I’ve sunken into.

I’m gonna go get my tea and maybe have a little carrot cake.  Bliss out listening to John, Paul, George, and Ringo.



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