Charlie Watts


Happy 71st Birthday, Charlie!!!!

He is a musician’s musician.  Long the backbone of the Rolling Stones, Watts is also a bandleader and jazz drummer extraordinaire.  He is dryly clever, and he just might be my favorite member of the band.  Between the anarchy that is Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood and the preening of Mick Jagger, the Stones would have descended into chaos long ago if it weren’t for Charlie.  He does more than keep the time; he holds them together.  Watts provides a gravitational center for everyone else to revolve around.  He’s not the sun, more like a dark star, keeping his power carefully hidden.  He doesn’t have a big complicated kit because he doesn’t need one to provide a bedrock beat.  Charlie Watts truly rocks.

3 thoughts on “Charlie Watts

  1. Watching Charlie Watts always entertains me. He usually looks bored or wryly resigned to the antics of Mick, Keith and Ron. I have a soft spot for Keith Richards, but Charlie is aces too.

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