Thanks. . . I think


I’ve been nominated for The Most Perspiring Blogger Award!

Good God, y’all! Somebody get me a towel!

Okay, it’s a little damp and smelly, but hey, it means somebody thinks I’m doing some kind of job.  It’s better than a poke in the eye with a stick (although it turns out pretty much everything is better than a poke in the eye with a stick).

In all seriousness, thanks to freddyflow for nominating me.  It might not carry any prestige or cash, but it really is nice to be noticed.  Thanks.  (And the sacrificial chicken was quite yummy.)  Any bloggers I follow should watch out (and break out the deoderant) just in case I choose to bless them with a nomination.  I shall honor my award by continuing to post whether anyone wants me to or not.

freddyflow also requested that I share seven (legal) slanders about my S.O., but I don’t have one.  And I’d feel bad complaining about my dad right now since he hasn’t been feeling well.  The cats have been a little cranky lately, does that count?

5 thoughts on “Thanks. . . I think

  1. Ooh, yes–cat slanders, that works! Here’s some on our two (Junior and Cling):

    1. There will be blood (they kill mice, don’t they? yes, they do!)
    2. Lots of seemingly meaningless meowing
    3. Junior (a Persian) has a problem with snags in his coat–and sometimes he gets snags near his rear, and stuff gets snagged in it. Yuk!
    4. Bad breath.
    5. Hairballs.
    6. Impolite licking in public.
    7. Fear of squirrels.

    • I have strictly indoor kitties, so any killing is limited to their imagination or whatever bugs they manage to snag. But here’s my favorite complaints:

      1) Lots and lots of meowing from the chubby one–usually because you have not properly worshipped her
      2) Running away when I try to pet them
      3) Coming to a complete stop directly in front of me when I’m trying to walk
      4) Cleaning the litter box–necessary, but they manage to do everything possible to make it more difficult
      5) Getting claws stuck in things and biting when someone tries to help (Chubby, again)
      6) Jumping on my head from atop the shelves (the smaller one)
      7) Late night grooming in a quiet room when I’m having trouble sleeping–those tongues are surprisingly loud

  2. Kylie, the not-chubby one, likes to dig her way to China all the time, so there’s clumps adhered to the bottom. Sasha, the chubby one, has some problems with burying things. Granted, she tries really hard. I saw her the other day looking very determined and scratching at the side of the enclosed box.

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