“Free Fallin'”


I’m more or less back, though not quite up to full speed yet.  To be honest, the last couple of months haven’t been the best.  They haven’t been the worst, either.  I’m still waiting for word on my training, but I took a job tutoring writing online. . . although until I start training, I’m considering myself unemployed still.  It’s part-time, but I can keep looking for something else.  And I can work from home.  I’ll probably be helping with cleaning out my uncle’s apartment soon.  That should be interesting.

This song sort of fits my mood right now, stuck in some weird, floaty, transitional phase.  I’m in between.  No, that’s not a fragment.  I feel like I’m between one stage and the next–I guess limbo would be a good word.  That’s the feeling I always got from this song.  It comes from that place where you’ve left something–in this case a relationship–behind but haven’t yet decided where you’re going.  Writing this right now makes me realize why the video was always so perfect for the song.  Nothing much happens in it.  There’s disconnected images of teenagers from different decades, but those parts are really incidental.  the real meaning of the video comes in the transitions, in the shots of Tom Petty singing and playing his guitar while riding up and down the escalators at a mall.  (I can’t remember which one it is, but I’ve been there; one of the entrances from the street is a sunlight atrium with escalators leading to the stores.)  Everything in the video is about transition–a sweet 16 party, a parking lot, escalators.  Coming and going.  Lets hope where I’m going is better than where I’m currently coming from.

2 thoughts on ““Free Fallin'”

  1. Mary,
    I have always liked this song. Transitions, rests, and pauses in between are such an inherent part of life that we often take so little notice of. Thanks for posting this. Glad you’re back.

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