Steve Perry: Two for the price of one


No, this doesn’t refer to any part of Mr. Perry’s anatomy (although it’s pretty obvious in one of these clips that he dresses left).  I was looking for a Steve Perry clip to include in today’s post, and came across full length versions of some of his videos.  Back in 1984, videos were still a pretty new art form without a lot of set rules, but they had developed to the point of telling stories.  Generally those stories ran the length of one song.  Steve Perry (and his video director and record company and whoever else had something to say about it) pushed the envelope a little bit by creating a story that ran across two different videos (oooh, how renegade).  It would’ve been a lot more fun if “Strung Out” had been released as a single before “Oh, Sherrie” but that can be blamed on the record company, I’m sure.

I had a friend in high school who was kind of obsessed with Journey in general and Steve Perry in particular.  He wanted to be Steve Perry (which wasn’t a bad goal in 1984).  Now I liked Journey okay, and I thought Perry’s first solo album Street Talk was pretty damn good (still do; I have five tracks from it on the computer).  He really did have a fine set of pipes.  It was just middle of the road rock-pop, but he sold it like it was the finale of the greatest Broadway musical ever.  That kind of belief in the music can’t be taught or bought.  Perry is one of the all-time classic voices of classic rock.  But, judging by his hammy performances in these videos, it’s a good thing he wasn’t an actor.

I’m posting them in the order they should be viewed in, not in order of actual release.  It just makes more sense that way.

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