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“Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose?”

Posted by purplemary54 on August 13, 2012

Today is August 13th, and you all know what that means.  It’s International Left-Handers Day!  Hug a southpaw today!

I’m not just a lefty in politics, you know.  I am the only living left-handed person in my family.  My paternal grandfather was a lefty until they tied his hand behind his back and made him learn how to use his right.  My dad was a lefty until he was six and broke his arm.  My mom’s older sister was left-handed, and I wish I’d gotten her to teach me how to crochet before she died.  She did teach me how to tie a bow, something my parents struggled with for years.  One Christmas (I was eight), I wore a red velvet dress with a lace up bodice.  So Aunty Judy stood behind me, showed me how to do it a couple of times, then walked me through it.  I remember thinking at the time, “This is what they’ve been trying to teach me?  This is easy.”  And it was, but only from one lefty to another.

I’ve had a lot of left-handed friends over the years, too, including my BFF.  (Happy Left-Handers Day!)  I don’t know if it’s because we’re all creative, idealistic types, or if we tend towards those things because we’re lefties.  Lefties are well-known for being more creative and artistic.  I’ve heard this is because the left side of the body is controlled in part by the right side of the brain, and the right half of the brain is the part that controls those qualities.  I’m not sure I believe that, but I’ll take what I can get.  If you’re not a lefty, then you don’t fully understand what it’s like.  Everything is designed for right-handed people.  Desks at school.  Coffee mugs.  Scissors.  Cars.  None of this is anything we can’t adapt to, and certainly none of it affects us that badly.  But it’s awkward sometimes.  I tried getting a left-hander’s spiral bound notebook once and kept opening it from the wrong side; I only use notepads that are bound at the top now.  I hate writing in pencil because my hand drags across the page and I get what I call “graphite fist.”  Calligraphy is simply out of the question.  Being a left-hander hasn’t ruined my life, but is does make it occasionally frustrating.

What does any of this have to do with Tony Orlando & Dawn’s cheesy 70s pop? Absolutely nothing.  I heard “Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose?” on the radio today for the first time since I was a kid, barely in double digits.  I used to love this song, and I think I still do.  It’s just on the right side of schlocky, with a touch of the risqué.  It’s just a fun little tune, put here today in the hope that it makes someone smile.


2 Responses to ““Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose?””

  1. Love love love Tony Orlando and Dawn.

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