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Ron Palillo

Posted by purplemary54 on August 14, 2012

I loved Welcome Back, Kotter as a kid, and my favorite Sweathog was always Arnold Horshack.  He was sweet and nerdy and people never seemed to pay much attention to him; I think I identified with him to some degree.  It makes me very sad that Ron Palillo has died at 63.  That show was one of those wonderful childhood memories.  Of course, watching the show now, I realize it was pretty dismal for the most part.  The first season was okay.  Gabe Kaplan’s jokes at the beginning and end of each episode were always the high points (which should tell you something, since those jokes were pretty bad).

The other highlight of every episode, even after Kaplan left (the show had already jumped the shark and was rapidly sinking anyway) was the theme song.  John Sebastian wrote and performed this sweet little song that belied the tough setting and revealed the marshmallow heart of Welcome Back, Kotter for all to see.

So this is for all the honorary Sweathogs out there.  So long, Horshack!


2 Responses to “Ron Palillo”

  1. Aw, I didn’t know he died! I loved that show too.

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