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“I’m Alright”

Posted by purplemary54 on August 15, 2012

I’m a little stressed out right now because I have to go back for a second mammogram (“spot compression and a possible ultrasound”).  I’ve had to do this before, and I know several women who have also had to do this before.  But I am a hypochondriac, and therefore, I am stressed out.  I managed to snag an appointment for tomorrow, and they’ll let me know right away if there’s anything bad; it could take a week if there’s nothing.  This is all by way of explaining that today’s post is the best you’re gonna get out of me.  Although it’s a nice little mantra right now.

The gopher might have been my favorite part of the movie when I was a kid.


4 Responses to ““I’m Alright””

  1. Sorry about your mammo repeat—I know it’s stressful, even when you know it’s most likely absolutely nothing. Fingers crossed for them to find nothing.

  2. I had to go through a second mammogram as well because I have fibrous breasts. I’m hoping for the best for you. They just want to make sure everything’s okay. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. free penny press said

    I’m reading this the day after so here’s hoping today you are more relaxed and crossing fingers your repeat test comes out A-OK!! 🙂

    • We’re in wait-and-see mode, but the ultrasound technician said something about cysts, and another technician said the doctor doing the reading didn’t really think there was anything, but they want to be safe. Keep your fingers crossed anyway!

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