“Dance Across the Centuries”


So not in the mood tonight.  Doc wants to see me for a follow-up appointment, and I’m freaking even though I have zero concrete evidence I should be freaking.  Keep your fingers crossed that after tomorrow, I’ll feel stupid for freaking.

Music always makes me feel a little better.  And Johnny Clegg and Savuka always cheer me up immensely.  They had a couple of minor hits in the 80s, but got more attention for being South African.  Oh, did I mention they were multi-racial.  And quite a bit of their music was political, in feeling if not intent.  Heck, simply by being an integrated South African band, Johnny Clegg and Savuka made a political statement.  This was the age of Apartheid, after all.  Biko was dead.  Mandela was still in prison.  And Johnny Clegg wanted us to dance.

Sounds good to me.

6 thoughts on ““Dance Across the Centuries”

  1. Never heard of them. Just wanted to chime in and wish you luck tomorrow and think of the possibility that the doc really liked your breasts and wanted to see them again. ; )

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