Update for anyone who cares. . .


Cysts!  Granted, there’s several of them, and my doctor wants me to go to Long Beach Memorial’s Breast Center to have them looked at one more time and possibly drained.  But it’s just cysts.

So, now I get to feel a little stupid for freaking out, and I can relax a little. . .

Kool & the Gang gave us this awesome party anthem that never, ever gets old.  I’m not really a fan otherwise, preferring Earth, Wind, & Fire or The Temptations most of the time, but I love this song.  And I’m happy that even though I still have to go in one more time, it’s pretty much a clean bill.  I’m gonna do a little chair dancing while I listen to this one more time.  Check out the awesome white shoes.

5 thoughts on “Update for anyone who cares. . .

  1. Yeah!! This is certainly cause for celebration! I commented on this already, you might have seen, but if not, I’m just soooo glad this is over. I have the same issue. It’s a pain in the butt but they always want to double check. Great news PM.

  2. A big thank you and even bigger squishy hugs to everyone who’s been sending me good wishes through all of this (and, hey, with my boobs all hugs are extra squishy). You guys rock!

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