Today is Saturday, Labor Day weekend.  Kids are going back to school soon (if not already there).  The weather is still warm and kind of muggy; it still says summer even if the calendar says that should be about over now.  And if you live in SoCal or some place similar, then it’s pretty much summer year-round anyway, so who cares what the calendar says.

That’s kind of the message of this song.  “September” is an anniversary song of sorts, “Say that you remember, dancing in September.”  But it’s only a touchstone, an X marked in red on the calendar because that’s when they realized that “love was here to stay.”  Love is ageless here, just like the summer sun on California beaches (except for when the blessed marine layer rolls in).  Just like this song.

So take a few minutes and celebrate turning another page on the calendar.  Happy September!


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