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“Call Any Vegetable”

Posted by purplemary54 on September 15, 2012

I love Frank Zappa.  As a musician, I know he’s not to everybody’s taste.  To be totally honest, Zappa’s music isn’t really to anyone’s “taste.”  He’s inaccessible  at best, incoherent at worst.  But Zappa had a sharp sense of humor and a good eye for anything that might upset traditional middle-class sensibility.  As a composer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/performer, Zappa didn’t just push the envelope; he ripped it to shreds.  There was never any one label you could put on Frank Zappa, and that was just the way he liked it.

But it’s not just Zappa the musician I admire.  Zappa the man was incredible.  He was intelligent and articulate, and he wasn’t afraid of anyone.  I knew who he was in 1985, thanks “Valley Girl,” the hit single he recorded with daughter Moon Unit in 1982.  But he rocketed to my consciousness with his testimony in front of a Senate committee protesting the PMRC (they’re the assholes you have to thank for parental advisory stickers on music).  I was a teenager, full of typical teenage angst and anger over adults trying to dictate what was good for us.  Frank Zappa got up in front of those politicians and called it what it was–censorship.  (FYI, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister also proved himself to be a smart and articulate advocate for the First Amendment at these same hearings.)  I might not have agreed with everything Zappa ever said, but I loved him for speaking out.  Frank Zappa was just cool.

“Call Any Vegetable” was the first Zappa song I ever really liked.  He recorded it with his legendary late 60s band The Mothers of Invention for their second album, Absolutely Free.  It’s goofy and jazzy and some of the most fun I ever had listening to a song.  Otherwise, like everything else Zappa did, it defies description.

All of Zappa’s albums have been remastered and re-released by his family and estate.  Dweezil Zappa (a fine guitarist himself) tours playing his father’s music, “Zappa Plays Zappa.”  But if you want some Zappa goodness for free go to his official website and listen to Zappa Radio.  It’s awesome.


6 Responses to ““Call Any Vegetable””

  1. That is the best song about vegetables I’ve ever heard! I want him to stop, yet I want him to play louder! Love it!

  2. dan4kent said

    It’s not easy being purple but you carry it off with style and grace. In response to your gracious award move, you’ll see my tangible response posted VERY early this morning. Reminds me of the lyric, “I got the music in me”. You do and it strikes a real chord with me. Keep on doing what you do as you challenge yourself and in kind – all of us. So very well done. Dan

  3. My wife and I, on our first date, went to a Frank Zappa concert, and I’m pretty sure they did this song. Good to see someone else commenting on this great musician. I did a post about FZ that has some more great songs:

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