“I Hate Everyone”


Just a little ditty aimed at a certain national pizza chain that may have just lost my business forever.  I’ll find a nice Mom & Pop place that delivers.  I don’t need pizza that arrives approximately a half hour after their 34-44 minute delivery window.  Oh, and I think I’ll also dedicate this to all the bigots, morons, and selfish entitled brats out there (yeah, I’m looking at you reality show stars and delinquent former child stars).  And Mitt Romney.  Because anyone who says the things he said at that fundraiser  is either a complete dick or a hopeless idiot.  (I know which one I think he is.)

*Deep breath*  There.  I feel much better now.

Mike TV, the singer/guitarist/songwriter of Get Set Go, is a good friend of Mr. BFF (and by extension my BFF).  He sleeps on their couch when he comes down on the train to visit.  This is a local SoCal band that has not gotten the attention they deserve, officially making them Criminally Underrated.  (Okay, they sold a song to Grey’s Anatomy, but that’s pretty much it outside of Cali.)  Mike’s wonderfully cynical and dark lyrics are set to boppy rock-pop tunes, which is one of my favorite musical disguises.  Flipping the bird with a smile.  I have their extraordinary Ordinary World, but their other albums and EPs are great, too.  If you’ve got a few bucks not already earmarked for food, housing, or medical, spend them on some of Get Set Go’s music.  You won’t be sorry.

Hey, I really do feel better, now.  Thanks, Mike TV, where ever you are (somewhere in L.A., I think).

9 thoughts on ““I Hate Everyone”

  1. Dig the track and your venting on pizza (a food group I celebrate), “bigots, morons, and selfish entitled brats”. You crack me up in (oddly enough) just the moments I can use a jolt of ‘grin’. Keeping the beat… Dan

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