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“Black Coffee in Bed”

Posted by purplemary54 on September 29, 2012

It’s International Coffee Day!

Okay, so I’m not much of a coffee drinker (but lord, do I love how it smells).  I prefer tea for my hot breakfast beverage.  I also know that drinking coffee is sometimes less about the drink and more about the ritual.  Dad says that he stopped drinking as much coffee when he quit smoking; the two always just went together in his mind.  Coffee shops are gathering places, just like bars, where the drink is a shared communal experience.  And there’s just something soothing about sitting down with a cup of something warm and comforting.

Squeeze managed to parlay all the emotional connotations of coffee quite nicely in the charming “Black Coffee in Bed.”  The guy has been dumped by the girl, and all he has to remember her by is a coffee ring left on his notebook.  But he moves on, going “out with a friend, with lips full of passion and coffee in bed.”

Coffee in bed becomes the metaphor for intimacy.  Or  a lack thereof. . . I’m never quite sure with this song, and I like the ambiguity.  Real relationships are full of that kind of ambiguity all the time.  He misses her, but he doesn’t.  He’s moved on, but he keeps thinking about her all the time.  Love and break-ups are messy, resolution a myth.  There’s always a coffee stain left in a notebook somewhere.

And sometimes the only thing you can do is have another cup of coffee.


4 Responses to ““Black Coffee in Bed””

  1. I like both of these videos. I always loved watching Agent Cooper enjoying his coffee. Because I can relate to it. And I always loved Squeeze. Plus I had a big crush on Glenn Tilbrook.

  2. alundeberg said

    “Black as midnight on a moonless night”– that’s what I’m talking about. I keep making attempts to convert to tea– green so much better for you– but I just can’t.

    • I never liked the taste of coffee much, although the best coffee I’ve ever had was black. Coffee’s pretty darn good for you, too, it turns out. There have been several studies recently touting the health benefits of a cup o’ joe.

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