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The Meters

Posted by purplemary54 on October 5, 2012

So, the nominations for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame came out today, something I always look forward to.  These kinds of nominations (along with Top 10/50/100 lists and Best Of/Ever polls) always inspire some interesting debates.  I love looking at them to see what I agree with and what I think is an absolute travesty.  There’s always something to argue about, and I love a good argument.

I also like these kinds of things because I learn about artists I never heard of before, or that I’d heard of but never heard.  Rolling Stone regularly releases lists that have proven invaluable to my musical education.  When they released a list of the Best 100 Albums from 1967 to 1987 for their 20th anniversary, I used it as a buying guide for years.  (Joni Mitchell’s Blue and Richard & Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out the Lights were my most memorable scores from that list.)  So when I heard the nominations were out, I decided to check out the who was eligible for  induction and see if I could pick up something new.

Hoo boy, did that ever work out in my favor!  I’d heard of The Meters before.  They were one of those bands that you heard the name of everywhere, somehow connected with everyone.  They’ve toured with the Rolling Stones, played with acts like  Dr. John, Labelle, and Robert Palmer.  Allen Toussaint hired them as the house band for his label, Sansu Enterprises.  But for all that, I knew virtually nothing about them.  Which officially makes me a great big dummy.

This is some of the most awesome music ever!  They’re funky and cool and soulful and everything good music ought to be.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised: one of the Neville Brothers founded the band, another did some time with them.  They reunited a few years ago, and continue to tour and play together.  I think I might try to go see them next time they come around here.

Learn something new every day.


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