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Steel Pulse

Posted by purplemary54 on October 7, 2012

My friend calls a couple of hours ago, and asks if I want to go see Steel Pulse with him a couple of other friends (it’s her birthday, and four tickets cost just a few dollars more than three).  So tonight I’m off to Anaheim’s House of Blues to check out this very long-running reggae band.  I’m sort of woefully undereducated about reggae, so this is a chance to do something fun with friends and get exposed to some new music.

What little I’ve heard from Steel Pulse has been good.  There’s a reason these guys have been around since 1975, garnering a lot of critical and commercial success.  (Commercial success in the U.S. is relative for a reggae band, which is a shame.)  Reggae is some of the most potent music out there.  Steel Pulse has developed a following by remaining politically, socially, and artistically relevant.  I get the feeling I’ll have a good time tonight.


2 Responses to “Steel Pulse”

  1. Have a good time Mary!

    • I had a great time. The band was cool and the company was wonderful. The only downside was that I discovered I am officially too old to stand for an entire concert. I need seats, or I’m not going.

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