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“Into the Groove”

Posted by purplemary54 on October 12, 2012

I got my hair cut today, which means tomorrow it’s gonna look hideous because my hair always rebels the day after it gets cut.  It always takes me about a week to get used to it again.  Anyhoo, my stylist was a little hoarse today because he saw Madonna two nights in a row at Staples Center (a great venue–there isn’t a bad seat in the house).  He is, in his own words, “a little obsessed” with her.

Me, I could pretty much take or leave Madonna, musically speaking.  I respect her as one of the most powerful and business-savvy people in the music industry.  She really changed a lot for women in music by taking control of her career in a way very few had ever done before.  It helped that she was pretty and talented.  (To be fair, I’ve always considered Madonna more on the marginally talented side.  Her voice has always seemed kind of thin and reedy to me, and her music just isn’t that original.  Don’t get me started on her acting dis-ability.)  I have grown to appreciate some of her early music as I’ve gotten older.  But I always liked “Into the Groove.”

It’s flirty and challenging, kind of like Madonna herself.  The woman in this song is a woman who knows what she wants out of a relationship, and she isn’t afraid to ask for it: “Get into the groove, boy you’ve got to prove your love to me.”  She gives as good as she gets, promising “live out your fantasy here with me, just let the music set you free.”  This might be a booty call; this might be true love.  Whatever it is, it’s on a level playing field.  There’s no power play, just play.  Let the sexy fun times begin!

Madonna’s music isn’t especially deep for the most part, which is not a knock against her.  The women in her songs might not be perfect, and they might be looking for nothing but a good time, but not one of them is a doormat.  She always fully embraced everything both her sexuality and her ambition.  A lot of other female artist should take a page out of her playbook.


3 Responses to ““Into the Groove””

  1. Oops I read this and clicked immediately before listening — only because I know and love this song for the same reasons you do. I also am not fond of Madonna for some of the reasons you mentioned, besides, after seeing her Truth or Dare movie I thought she was conceited mean deluded, etc. Before that I thought she was fun and cute and entertaining. I had especially liked her Like a Virgin performance on MTV. If she didn’t start taking herself so seriously and proclaiming she’s an artist I might still like her. To me she’s a mere business woman entertainer — her pretension of being an artist kind of irks the hell out of me — but I love this song! Listening to it right now — wish I could pump it up but it’s too late in NYC for that! Hope your hair cut settles in nicely…

    • She really did get self important after a while. I think maybe she takes herself a little less seriously these days, but that might be a result of the great cosmic reality check of being a parent.

  2. This has always been my favorite Madonna song. I agree that her voice is pretty weak, and the songs are basic pop, nothing special. But her stuff was always catchy. She lost me after she started with the fake British accent, though.

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