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“Wedding Bell Blues”

Posted by purplemary54 on October 22, 2012

It would’ve been Laura Nyro’s 65th birthday not that long ago; it’s been fifteen years since she died.  And I’m still not quite sure how to classify her in the music pantheon.

Laura Nyro did a little bit of everything.  She played bluesy, folky, gospel rock.  She played, sang, and wrote.  Her piano work sounded simple, but I get the feeling there was a lot more going on.  Or maybe that was just a result of the mood she created.  Nyro, like fellow traveller Carole King, could fill a room with emotion just by singing a single line.  You’ve heard her work, even if you’ve never heard of her.

Ever hear Barbra Streisand sing “Stoney End”?  That was a Nyro song.  Blood, Sweat, & Tears’ classic “And When I Die”?  Yep, Laura Nyro wrote that.  The 5th Dimension’s “Wedding Bell Blues”?  Got it in one.

I’ve always loved this song.  I can identify with the yearning for a romantic fairy tale ending (I’m a pretty, pretty princess who loves rainbows and flowers hidden the guise of a foul-mouthed cynic).  She sings of her love and loyalty for Bill, who seems to be hesitating about making that final commitment to her: “I haven’t lived one day not loving you only.”  There’s a resignation here, too, as if she knows on some level he’s never gonna get there, when she sings “And though devotion rules my heart, I take no bows, but Bill you never wanna take my wedding vows.”

I suppose it was no accident when The 5th Dimension covered this tune.  Singer Marilyn McCoo married Billy Davis in 1969.  Doing a little research for this post, I was kind of tickled to find out they’re still married today.  Which makes this clip from 1969 kind of funny.

This Bill took his vows pretty seriously.  Gotta love that.



One Response to ““Wedding Bell Blues””

  1. Aww, it’s so nice that they’ve been married so long
    Such a sweet song 🙂

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