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And Now for a Word from Our Sponsors. . .

Posted by purplemary54 on October 26, 2012

Not really.  I don’t have any sponsors.  But I might take this thing commercial someday.  Blogging is fun; it would be okay to get paid for it.  For now, I’ll settle for playing around with someone else’s hard-earned advertising dollars.

Generally speaking, I’m against using rock/pop/country/classical/whatever music to sell stuff, unless the artist who created it is the same person who licensed it.  I’m all for making an extra buck or two off your own work.  That’s kind of what America is all about (that, and going as deeply into debt as quickly as possible).  It’s hard to know who’s responsible for what, though.  U2 helped make “Vertigo” off of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb a hit by letting Apple use it to sell iPods.  But I still won’t buy Nike products because they used “Revolution” to sell sneakers back in the 80s.  (FYI: Nike was really the first to use a popular song in their commercials, so we have them to blame for all of this.)

Volkswagen has long been the master of pop music in commercials.  They’ve managed to make some songs hits long after their initial release.  Remember this one?  (I sort of love that someone went out of their way to record a commercial on VHS.)

Or how about the utterly ethereal and enchanting ad that featured Nick Drake’s ethereal and enchanting “Pink Moon”?

We had a VW Bug when I was a kid.  It was dark green with black vinyl seats.  I named it Motor because of how it sounded when we drove in it.  So I’m probably a little biased in favor of this company.  I think VW does make pretty good cars to go with their really good commercials.  I’m not saying anyone should go out and buy themselves new Volkswagens right this minute, but you could probably do worse next time you’re in the market for a car.

Right now, VW is showing this really awesome commercial with Rush’s “Fly By Night.”  I dislike Rush (they’re good, but not my thing), but I get such a kick out of this guy with the air drums.  I wonder if they put out a casting call for Rush fans when they decided to make this one.

Of course, my current Favorite Commercial of All Time is also a VW ad, but it doesn’t feature a song at all.  It doesn’t even feature a car.  It’s just some people and a wonderful piece of advice.


2 Responses to “And Now for a Word from Our Sponsors. . .”

  1. alundeberg said

    My husband and I are disgusted with The Who who will sell any song for any product– it just reeks of greed. My family also had a dark green Beetle, but I named ours Robby. After my parents sold it, they got me a Cabbage Patch Kid also named Robby to help me get over my loss.

    I’m married to a Rush freak, but my admiration for them has grown over the years. There is a really good documentary about them– which I can’t think of the name of– but you should watch it. Their story is truly amazing.

    • But Pete and Roger are the ones selling the songs, not the record company or some corporation. They’re the ones being greedy. I’m okay with personal greed. It’s corporate greed that makes me nauseous. (Just one of my many, many contradictions.)

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