“King Tut”


Happy King Tut day!

Today is the anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt.  I remember seeing the tour of his artifacts back in 1978 or 79.  We all went: Mom, Dad, Big Brother, and me.  I remember it being very crowded and dark (the lights were kept dim to protect/showcase the beauty of the exhibit pieces).  And it was beautiful.  My dad was always interested in ancient Egypt.  In an ideal world, he would’ve been an archaeologist.  Don’t get me wrong; he liked building rocket ships for  living.  But I think there was a piece of him that always wanted to go dig in the dirt for pottery shards.

I really wasn’t going to post today.  Dad’s back at the hospital again.  His internal defibrillator shocked his heart back into rhythm this morning, so we went in.  He’s perfectly fine otherwise; they just need to figure out why his heart speeded up.  I’m a little stressed, but I know he’s doing okay.  This song is a nice distraction, actually.

Steve Martin had a wonderful little novelty hit with this tune in 1979.  This clip shows him performing it on Saturday Night Live.  It’s always good for a laugh, poking fun at both the commercialism surrounding the huge King Tut exhibit and the shallow materialism of the late 70s.

So here’s to the boy king, whose tomb did not get raided, leaving us with an amazing legacy of art and culture.  I’m grateful I got to see that original exhibit (the second one a few years ago was not as good).  My dad is as big a nerd as I am, just for different things.  So here’s to having a nerdy dad, too.

2 thoughts on ““King Tut”

  1. I used to roller skate to King Tut at Skate World when I was in middle school. Love that song. I’m sorry to hear that your father is sick, but am happy that he’s OK.
    Thanks for making me smile, Mary!

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