Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


I hope everyone has a happy day, without too much stress.  Remember to be grateful every day, not just today.

I’m thankful for having all the basics, for food and shelter and clothing.  I’m grateful for my health.  That I have the luxury of fancy electronics and cable television. I’m grateful that I still have both my parents, even if they do make with the crazy-making on a regular basis.  I’m grateful for all the wonderful people in both my real life and my virtual life.  I’m grateful for the right to vote and free speech.  So, thanks to whatever higher power exists, and thanks to everyone here (including me) that helps make all these things possible.  And a special thanks to that poor turkey that gave up its life for my holiday meal.

Right now, I really grateful that I can listen to this wonderful song, the only Thanksgiving-themed song that is any good.  And I hope you’ll be grateful that Arlo Guthrie spent nearly 20 minutes singing/talking about “Alice’s Restaurant.”  Enjoy, and have a great time eating yourselves stupid.

“You can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant (excepting Alice).”

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