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Sandy Hook Elementary

Posted by purplemary54 on December 14, 2012

That’s it.  I’m done being reasonable.  Ban all guns.  Ban them now.  No one should have access to any gun.  Ever.  If it were up to me, I’d melt down or otherwise destroy every goddamn weapon in the world.  We need to stop killing each other.  We need to stop allowing lunatics to walk into schools or movie theaters or houses of worship, and start gunning people down.  Now.  No more arguments.  No discussion of the Second Amendment.  If we have to, we should repeal the Second Amendment.  It doesn’t fucking work.  And we have a well-regulated militia, anyway.  We call them the cops and the National Guard.

Maybe we need to hear this again.  It turns out John Lennon was right about an awful lot of things.

I’m just done.  I can’t accept this anymore.  Give peace a chance.


2 Responses to “Sandy Hook Elementary”

  1. Proud2b said

    You are right about one thing,,,, You aren’t being at all reasonable in the least when you call for a ban on our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. You must live in the city where there are no WILD ANIMALS to harm you and your family. Think about every side of issues before you, in your own words you decide ” I’m done being reasonable”.

    • Actually, I’m practicing my First Amendment Rights by speaking out. The Second Amendment is the one that guarantees the right to bear arms and a well-regulated militia. Check it out here. There is absolutely no reason to possess automatic or semi-automatic weapons whose only purpose is to kill people. (I have no personal experience, but I hear they suck for hunting.) I’ve long held the belief that if proper gun control was properly enforced, then normal, sane, law-abiding citizens should have been allowed to have guns in their homes. But since this guy shot his mother in the face with her own gun before taking her firearms to the school she worked at and murdered 20 children, I no longer have that belief. Ban all guns now.

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