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Internet Freedom Day

Posted by purplemary54 on January 19, 2013

Today is the first Internet Freedom Day, designed to commemorate the Internet blackout on this day in 2012 that helped defeat a pair of overreaching laws that would have criminalized even innocent sharing of copyrighted works online.  Since I traffic in innocent sharing of copyrighted works, I think this is a good day to celebrate.  (Slate has a good article on this you should check out, too.)

I think what I do here at the jukebox falls under the Fair Use section of United States Copyright law (here’s a link to the whole law; Fair Use falls under Section 107).  I do this for fun, although I confess I might make it professional one day.  All the music I write about was created by somebody else.  All the video and audio clips of the songs were created by somebody else.  Unless I state otherwise, all pictures I include were created by somebody else (you never know, I might want to show off my cats one of these days).  I write about music to share my opinions and introduce folks to something they might not have heard of before, or to shed a different light on something familiar.  Essentially, this is for review purposes.  I will NEVER provide a link to an illegal sharing or download site.  The artists worked hard to put that stuff out there; the artists should get the profits from it.  Now, the fifty cents or whatever that artists get for each CD sold might not matter that much to someone big like Bruce Springsteen, but it makes a hell of a lot of difference to someone like Mike TV of Get Set Go.  So if I link to a spot to download music, it’ll be itunes or Amazon, or anyone else that sells music legally.

I will support any reasonable anti-piracy law–emphasis on reasonable.  Any good anti-piracy law will include provisions for little fish in the pond like me, who aren’t hurting anyone.  It shouldn’t be illegal to share your opinion.  Let’s make sure it stays that way.

For the record, “Revolution” is a Lennon/McCartney composition, performed by the Beatles.  This video was posted to YouTube by velazquez11, and it consists of footage taken from the documentary feature Anthology.  Everything legally belongs to whoever is currently holding all the copyrights (please don’t ask me to sort through that miasma).  I’m just using it to make my point.  You want a copy?  Go buy one.

Also for the record, Paul McCartney is really hot in this clip.  Or is that just me?

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