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George Jones

Posted by purplemary54 on April 26, 2013

I was unable to attend the services for my uncle today, but I send my love and thoughts out to the whole family.  I was there in spirit.

Country music legend George Jones passed away today at 81.  He was one of the last of the old-time country stars, an emotional and emotive singer of amazing talent.  He knew how to milk every single tear out of every single note.  They just don’t make singers like him anymore, not even in Nashville.

That’s the kind of song most people think of when they think about country music.  It’s heartbreak and sentimentality wrapped up in a rich baritone and slide guitar.  Today’s country is just pop music with a little twang; it’s all about crossover success.  George Jones never cared if he made the Billboard Top Forty, although he made the charts on a regular basis.  He made music that spoke to his life and his experience.  Jones was a hard living man, complete with lots of booze and lots of wives.  He was famously–and tumultuously–married to fellow country legend Tammy Wynette (who chose not to stand by Jones anymore in 1975).  He eventually sobered up, but continued making music, even reuniting musically with Wynette in 1992.

Fittingly, Jones’ autobiography was titled I Lived to Tell it All.  And you can hear all the living he did in his music. (Read more about his work and life here.)


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