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Gone to the Movies: Ray Harryhausen

Posted by purplemary54 on May 7, 2013

I’ve got no music today.  My nerdy little heart is just a little to broken at the news that genius of stop-motion animation Ray Harryhausen has died.  he was a humongous part of my childhood.  I saw both Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger and Clash of the Titans multiple times in the theater.  I saw just about everything else he did on Saturday afternoons.  He created magic on the screen, and for that I will always love him with the unbridled and unconditional love of a child.

His masterpiece moment was probably the skeleton battle from Jason and the Argonauts.  It is still amazing to watch, even in this day of CGI (it’s got some pretty cool music accompanying it, too).

This loving tribute was posted to YouTube, and I think it’s worth the ten and a half minutes to watch.  It says pretty much everything I feel about Ray Harryhausen and his work–only better than I can say it.  Thanks to Dan Conover for creating this (don’t know what year), and drgangrene for posting it.

And thanks, Ray.  You made the movies that much more fun and wondrous.


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