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“Sunny Afternoon”

Posted by purplemary54 on June 23, 2013

Sure, it’s a bit past afternoon here in SoCal (about a quarter to 9 PM, actually).  It was pretty socked in with clouds until the afternoon today, and I was pretty lazy for most of it.  But I got it together and went out and bought cat supplies (food, litter, etc.), and watered the front and back yards.  But the long nap I took probably ensured that I’m going to have trouble sleeping later.

I’m not quite sure why this melancholy little song popped into my head today.  There are other Kinks songs I like lots more, but it just seemed like this was today’s theme.  It’s an odd, worried little song.  You listen to the litany of things that’ve gone wrong for this guy, and it’s really no wonder why he’s “sitting here, sipping at my ice cold beer, lazing on a sunny afternoon.”  It’s the only escape he has left, really.  I love Ray Davies delivery in this, too.  He’s so deadpan that it actually takes a minute to realize how contradictory his situation really is from a “life of luxury.”

I suppose it sort of reflects my frame of mind these days, too.  I’m still dealing with everything surrounding Dad’s death, although I’ve got a better handle on things, and some stuff has been taken care of.  One of my cats has been a little punky the last couple of days, too.  She’s not eating her usual gargantuan amounts of food, and let’s just say things have not been a-okay in the litter box and leave it at that.  If it keeps up much longer, I’m taking her to the vet.  And I’m trying to figure out things like flooring and painting (and a million other little things that need to be repaired or replaced) to get Mom moved in.  *sigh*

Really long afternoon naps aren’t on my agenda for the next few weeks.


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