“Ice Cream Man”


It’s still hot here, and now it’s sticky, too, thanks to humidity coming up from the south.  (Weather people on the news call it “monsoon moisture,” but I think that’s only because none of them have ever been in a real monsoon.)  Regardless, I feel gross.  And my bug bites are itching.  I think I’ll have a tuna-salmon sandwich for dinner because I don’t want to cook anything (one can of tuna and one can of salmon prepared however you like your tuna sammies).  And maybe some ice cream for dessert.

I’ve always felt like this song was one of the hidden gems of Van Halen’s catalog.  A cover of a tune by blues man, John Brim, the band acquits itself nicely here.  (I actually think the typical Eddie-style guitar solo/explosion is unnecessary; they were workin’ it pretty damn good with the acoustic.)  They sound like they’re having fun, something Van Halen stopped doing many years ago (shortly after 5150, came out, I think).  It’s a double entendre filled little ditty that sounds a little bit like today feels.  Kind of sticky, but still okay.  I know I was a little complainy earlier, because it’s really not that bad.

But I still might turn on the AC, just to make it a little easier to get some sleep tonight.

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