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“Rock Around with Ollie Vee”

Posted by purplemary54 on July 9, 2013

I felt like hearing a little Buddy Holly tonight.

This is an awesome little tune, early Rock & Roll at its finest.  The song clocks in at just under two minutes (although the clip is a little longer), but it conveys everything it needs to–boy and girl are gonna go out dancing to rock music, and maybe do a little bit more later on.  Holly’s delivery is dead on, with just enough of his famous hiccup, and the band is tighter than the drumheads.  (The Ramones, who made a career out of recording short, fast songs, might’ve been a little jealous at how perfectly synched this group was.)  There is nothing about this song I don’t love.

It wasn’t recorded with the Crickets, who were Holly’s most famous backing group, nor was it written by Holly.  “Rock Around with Ollie Vee” is credited to Sonny Curtis, who was a member of the backing group on this song.  It shows what a good ear Holly had for music, though.  At least I assume he was the one who chose to record it.  I admit I have a tendency to give Buddy Holly blanket credit for everything.  I’m a fan, so I just assume if it worked in his music, that he was responsible for it.  Chances are, considering how much control he did have over his work, that he probably was responsible.

Anyway, enjoy the rockin’ and boppin’ of this song.  It gets me dancing every time.


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