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“Whatever Gets You Through the Night”

Posted by purplemary54 on July 11, 2013

I got kind of weird and depressing yesterday, so it’s time to lighten things up a little.

It might sound depressing, but right now the TV is getting me through the night.  I need some kind of sound while I’m sleeping, so that when I wake up in the middle of the night (which I almost inevitably will) I hear something.  I used to sleep with the radio, which led to some interesting dreams involving songs.  For a while, I just let the sound of the TV in the living room and various Dad-noises be enough.  Now, I leave the TV on–usually CNN or the NFL Network, something with voices that I can still tune out.  When I wake up (lately, it’s been around 2:00 AM, I can hear the soothing voices of newscasters reporting the latest free agent signings, or protests in Egypt, or something similar.  It makes me feel better.

The sound of whatever I’m listening to does tend to seep into my dreams.  I have a particularly vivid memory of dreaming about talking with someone in my house, and a Pink Floyd song suddenly began playing.  Sometimes my dreams seem like the people on TV are talking to me.  It gets a little strange, but in a good way.  I could get one of those white noise/nature sounds machines, and drift off to the sound of rain or whispering pines or some such; it would probably be more conducive to peaceful sleep.  But I like hearing voices.  It’s reassuring somehow.

How do you like to sleep?  Total silence, or just a little noise?


5 Responses to ““Whatever Gets You Through the Night””

  1. dan4kent said

    A little noise thank you. It’s odd. When I was a little kid in farm country it was the crickets (and sometimes the frogs). When I moved to Chicago, it became traffic and the ‘El’. Now, it’s the white noise from my sound machine. But when I think I need to whet the creative juices, I turn the machine back to (you guessed it) crickets. Noise means ‘not alone’ and you’re not. Sleep well. Dan

    • Yes, exactly. Although, noise can also mean “not being burglarized.” Because if I woke up in a silent house, I’d just make noises up. And none of them would be anything good.

  2. rarasaur said

    I like total silence. Any sound becomes an entire thought or story in my mind and then I can’t get to sleep. Luckily, Dave’s the same, else one of us would never sleep! 🙂

    Sleep well! 🙂

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