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“Our House”

Posted by purplemary54 on July 25, 2013

I’m baaack . . .

And in a freshly painted and re-floored house.  It feels brand new, and I’m very happy with how everything looks.  I’ve hung some of my Rock & Roll “art” in my bedroom, so it feels like my room again.  (I probably shouldn’t put art in scare quotes like that, since among my framed pictures is a lithograph of a John Lennon sketch my mom bought me years ago.  I also have a picture of Captain Jack & Ianto kissing signed by the actors, but that’s not really Rock & Roll, is it?  Hot, though.)  I’m glad I spent the money doing this (I’ll be paying off the floor for quite some time, but I’m still glad).  There’s still a lot of work to be done, but this is enough for right now.

This song seems like a fitting celebration, right down to the two cats (although mine a strictly indoor).  It’s such a lovely song, gently content.  Graham Nash has a real knack for writing sweet love songs like this.  It’s just me and the cats right now, but soon Mom will be here, too.  I suppose Dad will always be here, too.  I’ll probably dig out his knickknacks and tchotchkes later, and hang some of his Egyptian themed pictures.  It’ll warm the place up a little bit more (although with red walls in a couple of rooms, it’s probably warm enough).


One Response to ““Our House””

  1. rarasaur said

    Red walls? Cool! 😀 Glad everything worked out fabulously. 🙂

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