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Posted by purplemary54 on August 7, 2013

I just had to post this.

As many of you know, BBC announced the Twelfth Doctor on Sunday (in a broadcast that was carried live on BBC America, no less).  Scottish actor Peter Capaldi  was previously best-known for his role as Malcolm Tucker on a show called The Thick of It.  What most of you probably didn’t know (and I just found out about 10 minutes ago) is that Capaldi also used to be in a band with none other than Craig FergusonThe Late Late Show‘s charmingly self-deprecating host.

Now, Craig Ferguson is probably my favorite late night host right now.  I’ll always love David Letterman, and Johnny Carson is a god, but Ferguson’s brand of humor really appeals to me.  He’s also a total Whovian; he even has a little TARDIS sitting on his desk.  The news that his former bandmate has been cast as the Doctor must have tickled him all sorts of colors.  I read this on Dangerous Minds, so I did my own search on YouTube, and found The Dreamboys’ single “Bela Lugosi’s Birthday.”  The sound is dismal, but they weren’t half bad.

They were probably playing off the success of Bauhaus’ song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”,  but the Dreamboys’ song seems just a trifle more cheerful.  I’m going to have to keep an eye on who Ferguson’s guests are in the next couple of weeks.  I’m hoping he’ll get a visit from his Doctor soon.


One Response to “Awesomeness!”

  1. rarasaur said

    That’s awesome! I’m a big fan of Craig Ferguson, and (of course) a major Whovian, so like you… this tidbit is double the fun for me! 😀

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