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Eydie Gorme

Posted by purplemary54 on August 11, 2013

By the time I became aware of popular culture as something more than the handful of television shows I watched and songs I knew, Eydie Gorme was considered by the young and hip as half of a corny joke.  She and husband Steve Lawrence had been performing together since the 1950s, cracking jokes and singing pop standards and current hits behind Las Vegas-style glitter and heavy orchestration.  They were regulars on the night club and talk show circuit, and appeared on just about every one of the seemingly endless variety shows of the 1970s.

Thing is though, they weren’t a joke.  Yeah, the music and jokes were pretty corny, but they were great performers.  You couldn’t tell of they hated a song; they both always went out there and gave it their all.  Eydie Gorme, especially, had a brassy, booming, Broadway kind of voice that she could easily adapt to any style.  While she performed regularly with her husband, Gorme also had a successful solo career–“Blame it on the Bossa Nova” was hit for her 1963.  But she seemed to be happiest when singing with Lawrence.

They said that they began performing together “out of necessity” after Lawrence returned from a stint in the military in the late 50s.  Gorme didn’t want to be out there on her own, while trying to raise a family and hold a marriage together.  Their personal relationship seemed to be enhanced by their professional one.  They were married for over 50 years, and Lawrence was by her side when Gorme died yesterday at 84.  Eydie Gorme was one of a vanishing breed of performer.  Her style wasn’t mine, but she handled her life and career with class.


2 Responses to “Eydie Gorme”

  1. Sandee said

    RIP Eydie Gorme…

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