“Nights of Mystery/Every Picture Tells a Story”


I don’t really have that much to say about this song.  Well, two songs, really.  At the end of their debut album, the Georgia Satellites took their driving, muddy river current of a song “Nights of Mystery” and linked it seamlessly to a rip-roaring cover of Rod Stewart’s classic “Every Picture Tells a Story.”  The crashing drums and guitar fading gently to a single acoustic is as natural as the sunrise.  And then everything comes crashing down again.

I like the Satellites’ cover of “Every Picture Tells a Story” better than the original.  It’s not just the music that fits with “Nights of Mystery”;  The two songs are thematically similar:  Somewhat clueless guy meets awesome girl, true love ensues.  Just like the songs, the guy & girl are like puzzle pieces slotting together.  But they have to be together.  One downside to the iPod is that it just cuts songs at the moment where the track changes.  (There is a menu item on itunes that allows you to link tracks, but you must have the CD to do it.)  But separating these songs diminishes them.  Their power not comes from the fact that they’re good songs individually (although they are).  They are transformed into something else once they are linked, something greater than the sum of their parts.  What?  I don’t know.  It depends on the moment.  Love song, life philosophy, anthem.  All I know is I feel better whenever I hear these songs.

I hope y’all feel better, too.


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