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It’s So Hot Here . . .

Posted by purplemary54 on September 5, 2013

That I’d consider doing this right about now.

Okay, not really.  (I don’t even like to be naked in the shower.)  But it is really, really hot here.  And it has been for over a week.  I am currently eternally grateful to my father for getting central heating and air installed some years ago.  I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything right now, otherwise.  Which would be bad, considering how much there is that needs doing right now.

Ray Stevens’ classic novelty song from 1974 capitalizes on that great 70s fad, streaking.  I remember it being a big thing, although I never understood why.  I was still in single digits back then, so nobody got too weirded out if I was running around naked.  But I didn’t.   I was modest, even then.  There are quite a few obligatory naked baby/bathtime pictures in our collection  (and one Easter time picture that will become the photo on the back cover blurb if I ever publish a book), but I remember I wouldn’t even go skinny dipping with all my girl cousins.  I was private about stuff like that.  Still am.  My body parts are nobody’s business but mine.

But the song is funny, in a cheesy, middle of the road kind of way.  I still get a kick out of the end, when the shocked bystander sees his beloved Ethel running around with the streaker.  It’s a great fade out.  “Ethel, you shameless hussy!”

Come to think of it, Ethel is probably a lot more sexy than Miley Cyrus, too.



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