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“Weather With You”

Posted by purplemary54 on September 7, 2013

I wish whoever brought this nasty heat wave to SoCal would just take the weather with them already.  It’s not quite so hideous today, but it’s still hot as Hades.  I’d like to be able to chalk up being AWOL yesterday to the weather, but really, I went out and got my hair done, put together a bookcase, and handled other assorted tasks.  The day just slipped away from me.  Oh, and I also managed to burn myself quite nicely with some hot soup from the microwave; there’s a big blister and everything.

There was no good way to transition from my little update into this song, which is one of my favorites by these guys.  Crowded House recorded “Weather With You” for the Woodface album, for which Neil Finn’s brother Tim joined the band.  It’s a jaunty song, touched with melancholy.  Really kind of a perfect representation of the band.  Crowded House was always a weird mix of humor and catchy hooks, serious emotion with bad puns.  There’s something sweet about the idea of some guy “Walking ’round the room singing ‘Stormy Weather’ at 57 Mount Pleasant Street.  We’ll it’s the same room, but everything’s different. You can fight the sleep but not the dream.”  While nothing is said directly, it’s pretty clear that he’s alone, very recently if he’s still deciding to “lie like a lounge room lizard, or do I sing like a bird released?”  Or maybe he’s just waiting for her to come back from a brief trip so he can confess that he’s been a naughty boy.  The poignant tone of the song makes it sound like his love has already left him for good.  “Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you.”

This clip is especially poignant.  It’s Neil and Tim playing as the Finn Brothers–Crowded House had broken up by this point–but they’re joined onstage by Crowded House drummer Paul Hester.  I don’t know the exact date of the TV appearance, but it’s not long before Hester’s suicide.  He’d struggled with depression for years, so it’s nice to see him joking and laughing with old friends.  While Crowded House had some hits in the U.S. and around the world, they were obviously much more successful in Australia/New Zealand, where they hail from.  After Hester had left Crowded House, he went continued recording and made numerous television appearances.  He was the host of the program this clip was taken from.



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