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Gone to the Movies: “The CIT Song”

Posted by purplemary54 on September 18, 2013

I like movies, but I’m not really a movie person.  I’m not a cinephile, or even a buff.  I tend to make snap judgements on movies based commercials or trailers, sometimes reviews if I’m on the fence.  I won’t pay good money to go see a popular movie if I think it’s going to be crappy.  (For example, I’ve never seen more than about ten minutes of Titanic, and that’s just the way I like it.  Frankly, it was ten minutes too many.)  But I also won’t pay good money to see a critically acclaimed indie movie if I have no interest in the story.  I have no tolerance for mindless action movies, or juvenile slapstick and toilet humor.  As a result, there are a lot of movies I’ve never seen, and probably never will see.

I wasn’t always like this.  When I was a kid, I’d watch anything.  Which is probably what explains my great affection for 1979’s Meatballs, starring Saturday Night Live alumnus Bill Murray.  Its very loose plot is about how the counselors and kids navigate friendships and romance, all while competing against the local rich kids camp.  (A lot of Bill Murray movies feature some subtextual commentary on class, something I think someone should be doing academic studies on.)  Really, it’s just a feature-length excuse for kids to say funny things, sex jokes, and Murray hamming it up (“Hey, you, on the waterskis!”).  It’s exactly the kind of movie I would snub today.  But that would be a mistake, because Meatballs really is kind of funny.  There are good characters, and a lot of heart to it.  It also featured one of my favorite bad 70s songs, David Naughton’s “Makin’ It.”

It also featured this little gem.  I don’t know the origins of “The CIT Song,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if the filmmakers based it on some actual campfire sing-along for Counselors in Training (CITs).  It’s one of those songs I sing randomly, for no apparent reason.  It just pops into my head, and I have to get it out.

This movie almost makes me wish I’d gone to summer camp, or been a counselor.  Almost.  It would’ve been fun if I actually didn’t have to do any sports or activities or anything else they do in the movie.  And if maybe they could’ve eliminated any possibility of sleeping outdoors.  Or, really, any outdoor activities other than a nice walk or two, and sitting beneath some shady trees reading.


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