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Freaky Friday: Gwar

Posted by purplemary54 on September 20, 2013

What can I say about Gwar?  No, seriously, what can I say about them?  These guys are totally freaky.  I’m just not quite sure if it’s a good freaky or a bad freaky.

Gwar is actually a pretty decent Metal band.  But that’s hard to tell when you’re so distracted by their rubber masks and costumes.  They take Heavy Metal theatricality to a whole new level.  These guys are seriously committed.  I’m sure there are people who would argue they should be committed, or at least put on a 72-hour hold, but I don’t agree.  This is performance art.  They are wearing the costumes to create an image that makes people pay attention.  This is stuff that a lot of so-called normal people find offensive and scary.   Much like Alice Cooper, Gwar incorporates horror imagery into their shows to set the mood, as it were.  But the images are also there to make a point.  A lot of mainstream society likes to pretend that ugly things don’t exist, or that bad things don’t happen, but Gwar puts the ugliness in the spotlight.  Like all good horror, they expose the dark parts of the soul so that everyone has to acknowledge it exists.  They just happen to filter it through lots of blood and guts.

Well, I’m just assuming there’s lots of blood and guts.  I’ve never seen Gwar perform.  Looking at them makes me just a little nervous.  If I was in a pissy mood, however, I’d be perfectly happy turning Gwar up to eleven on my stereo and letting their music help me work out my anger.



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