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Highway Sing-a-Long

Posted by purplemary54 on September 29, 2013

I don’t know who TJ Smith is, but I think I’m in love with him.  Or I want to adopt him, since he seems pretty young.  Either way, anyone who does this on Southern California’s freeways deserves all the love and praise he gets.  Seriously.  There should be some kind of award for General Awesomeness and Making People in Traffic Smile.

I’d like to dedicate this little clip o’ happiness to all of you who visit the jukebox.  I’d probably still be doing this if you guys weren’t there, but it would be a LOT less fun.  Special wishes and interwebs ((Hugs)) go out to Claudia, aka Summer Solstice Girl.  Things might be bad right now, but it’s gonna get better.  I love you.


3 Responses to “Highway Sing-a-Long”

  1. rarasaur said

    I loved this! 😀 I’ve subscribed to his YouTube station, 😀

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