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Posted by purplemary54 on October 2, 2013

This is pretty much the first and last time y’all will ever see anything related to Michael Jackson on this blog.*

See, I can’t stand him.  I don’t like something like 99% of his music.  (There’s a couple of his songs that don’t instantly make me gag, but only a couple.  And I don’t like them enough to ever post about them.)  I think he was an extremely damaged, quite probably mentally ill, facsimile of a human being.  He was innovative and creative in his own right for a very brief period; he had a lot of talent that I think he squandered terribly after Thriller.  Because that album was so monstrously, incredibly successful, he just stopped dead in his tracks as an artist.  He never grew or evolved creatively after that.  He simply declared himself the King of Pop, and disappeared–both literally and figuratively–into a miasma of toys, drugs, and plastic surgery.

I liked some of the songs from Thriller when it first came out, but I had my overreactive backlash when the entire flipping world bought a copy.   I don’t like things that everybody else likes, so of course I decided arbitrarily that I hated Michael Jackson after the dam had burst.  But that’s actually a pretty small part of my dislike; I can objectively look back on his work and say that there’s probably more good than bad, but that doesn’t make me want to give it another chance.  Most of my dislike stems from his personality, his family and all their insular strangeness, and the insane choices he made to make himself look less like a crazy person.  Everything he did was a publicity stunt, designed to make himself look like some kind of god.  But all I ever saw was a lost little boy trying to make everyone love him.

It makes his life and death more pitiable.  And it makes the way his family has always sought to ride on his coattails even more craven.  When he died, his waning popularity was driven back into the stratosphere.  To be sure, the tour would have done the same thing had he been alive, but he was too weak mentally and physically to get that far.  So his money-grubbing family decided to sue the entertainment company that was behind the proposed tour for billions of dollars.  I don’t really think his mother or children would’ve done it on their own; their love and grief has never been in doubt.  I think the rest of the talentless hacks in the family pushed them into the suit so they could score more money off the one really talented member of the family.  (I’m not counting Janet.  She’s talented enough, but she never had the same level of popularity or money earning power; she also doesn’t really participate in most “family” activities.)  I think they tried to take advantage of his death the same way AEG tried to profit off whatever was left of his musical legacy.  Very few people in Michael Jackson’s life have truly loved him.

Today AEG was found not liable for Michael Jackson’s death.  I could’ve told them that without that stupid waste of taxpayer money.  His family has made more money than they will ever be able to spend in a dozen lifetimes on his pathetic death, so they didn’t really deserve any more.  And while I will never sing the praises of robber baron entertainment conglomerates like AEG, it’s not their fault that he was too goddamn broken to save.  All that damage was done long before they jumped on the bandwagon.  It’s time people accepted that the only person who was really responsible for Michael Jackson’s death (and his life) was Michael Jackson.  Yeah, that dumbass doctor violated the Hippocratic Oath, and deserves to be permanently stripped of his license to practice medicine.  But Michael was the unstable addict who demanded to be treated with an anesthetic.  Michael was the one who put himself into the position he did.  It’s just sad that some people refuse to see that.


*I think I’ve made more oblique mentions before, and I do reserve the right to change my mind.  But don’t hold your breath.


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