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Happy John Lennon’s Birthday!

Posted by purplemary54 on October 9, 2013

Sorry I was AWOL yesterday.  I was too busy placing a grocery order online and playing with the Kindle Paperwhite my mother got me.  (I love new toys!)  It really is easy to read on.  No weird screen glare or anything.  It makes me feel extra bad that I messed up a little on the order, and got regular caffeine free Coke instead of Diet caffeine free Coke for her.

It’s a little cold and rainy here today, too.  (Right on the heels of the 90-plus degree days we just had; thanks, catastrophic climate change!)  But I like the rain.  It makes me happy.

So does this “Rain,” of course.  It’s not one of my top Beatles tunes, but it was right for today.  Just the right bit of cheer and melancholy, the beginnings of their dabblings in psychedelia.  I don’t celebrate too many holidays outside of the properly sanctioned, government, approved Judeo-Christian holidays, but this is one of them.  It just always makes me feel a teensy bit sad.  I can send all my happy thoughts about John and his music out into the Universe, and while I know they will be heard, it would be a lot better if I had an actual person to send them to.  He would’ve been 73 today (my dad would’ve been 72 now).  I like to think he would’ve been one hip old dude, making disparaging jokes about the government shutdown and giving One Direction tips on how to avoid mobs of screaming teenage girls.  He’d probably play at his own tribute concert.

So send out some happy thoughts, and do a nice thing for someone else today.  Have a cuppa, or a pint of something.  Sing a song.  It’ll be heard.



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