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As Seen on TV: “A Light on a Hill”

Posted by purplemary54 on October 13, 2013

Sorry for being AWOL again yesterday.  I have no real excuse.  I only remembered I hadn’t posted after I arrived at my friend’s house to watch movies last night.  I suck.

As a pretty basic interwebs/computer user, I’m at the mercy of YouTube vidders and copyright laws.  That makes it difficult sometimes to find a good video of exactly what I want to post.  If I were more dedicated (and a little less lazy), I would learn how to create/upload/post/violate copyright law myself.  Although I don’t think posting a good copy of the final few minutes of a seven-year-old episode of Bones and especially egregious violation of anyone’s rights.

Even one as iconic to the show as “Aliens in a Spaceship.”  For non-Bones fans, this is the episode where a serial killer/kidnapper known as The Gravedigger buries Bones and co-worker Hodgins in an SUV.  This is the killer’s MO: kidnap someone, bury them alive, and demand an outrageous ransom from loved ones.  If the ransom gets paid, the buried person’s location is revealed.  If not, that person dies.  Booth and the rest of the team race to find Bones and Hodgins before they run out of air.  It’s a completely unbelievable ending (they get out alive, thanks to everyone’s collective genius), and I am a sucker for it every time.  (There’s a crappy version of it here, if you want to get a sense of how terrific it is.)  TNT reran it the other day, and I made sure I watched the ending.  It always makes me cry.

I’ve always really enjoyed the song that’s played as Booth runs down the slope to get his girl (spoiler alert: Booth and Bones end up together after a few seasons; they’re getting married in an upcoming episode).  I finally bothered to look it up: “A Light on a Hill” by Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s.  A former coworker recommended this band to me a few years ago, but I never followed up on it.  But this is such a sweetly heartbreaking tune, I might have to finally check them out.  Music plays such a huge role in television and movies, helping create emotions and set the mood.  I’ve said before that the context of hearing a song will color how you hear it thereafter.  If you associate the song with something good, then it becomes a good song.  I may only like this song because it was used in my favorite episode of Bones, but that’s good enough for me.


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