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“Back ‘n Blue”

Posted by purplemary54 on October 23, 2013

This is one of the great underrated classics by Cheap Trick, although I suspect it’s so underrated because it was the only good track on the album.

“Back ‘n Blue” is from their 1990 album Busted, which was the follow-up to their career-reviving 1988 album Lap of Luxury (which is a pretty awesome album, btw).  Needless to say, Busted did not live up to any of its predecessor.  I probably first heard this song when I bought the album, and it quickly became one of my favorites by them.  I can’t quite say what sets it apart from anything else they’ve recorded.  Their special brand of Power Pop is as powerfully poppy as ever, with some really good fuzzy guitar from Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos’ usual whipcrack good drums.  I really dig the sincerity in Robin Zander’s voice, like he’s really begging his girl to take him back (even though it’s pretty obvious he’s kind of an asshole).  I just like it.  A lot.

I probably gave the whole album one listen (I vaguely remember one or two other songs), but the only one I ever come back to is this one.  If I were compiling a best of for Cheap Trick, I’d include this song.  I’ve already listened to it something like five times preparing for and writing this post; I’m still not tired of it.  That’s one of the best things about this song, if you like it, that is: It never gets old or overplayed.  It’s actually kind of a pity this one never charted, because it really should’ve been a monster hit.

Of course, Cheap Trick is happily (and probably profitably) playing the state fair circuit.  Former drummer Bun E. Carlos recently sued the band, and I believe they’re countersuing.  Some nonsense about money, I’m sure.  In a couple of years, after the suits are all settled, they’ll reunite and play a well-received reunion tour.  Or Carlos will go on to do something awesome along the lines of his work with Tinted Windows, while Cheap Trick keeps touring with a different drummer (by all accounts, they still sound good).  I kind of hope they’ll work it out.  Cheap Trick was always one of those groups that just worked.


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