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Sorry, Chris Brown. I’m judging you.

Posted by purplemary54 on October 28, 2013

I don’t like Chris Brown.  He’s got a pretty good voice, and his music doesn’t entirely suck; as an artist, he’s middle of the road.  He is, however, a complete failure as a human being.

Yesterday, Lou Reed’s death was being relegated to the second half of the local news; that’s the portion they usually reserve for news of product recalls and heartwarming stories about puppies.  But Chris Brown’s most recent arrest made the headlines, even before the story of NSA electronically eavesdropping on most of Europe’s leaders.  This time it was for punching a guy who tried to horn in on a picture he was taking with another fan.  I know that Lou Reed hadn’t even made a public appearance recently, and Brown is all over the charts, but c’mon.  There’s gonna be plenty of chances to report Chris Brown getting arrested because he punched somebody.  Again.

This guy has issues.  He beat his girlfriend (the equally mediocre Rhianna, who got back together with him for a little while).  He pitched a fit in his dressing room on a national morning show when the interviewer asked him about it.  He had a couple of recent confrontations with other popular artists, (much better) singer Frank Ocean and (so-so) rapper Drake.  He’s been in numerous scuff ups with neighbors, paparazzi (not that I blame him for that), fans, and innocent bystanders.  He’s been in and out of court rooms so often in the last couple of years, they probably have reserved parking for him.  Even after doing community service (which he cheated on at least once) and going through anger management classes, he still keeps getting in trouble.

What makes this so nauseating is that so many people just keep making excuses for him and letting it continue.  His fans say he’s just misunderstood.  His management says it’s his entourage and the media causing all the trouble.  (Note to the management: if Brown’s entourage is responsible for so much of the trouble he’s in, maybe you should consider getting rid of them.)  The courts just keep slapping his wrists.  Here’s what I have to say to all these people: Pull your heads out of your asses.  Chris Brown is a nasty, short-tempered, violent, selfish little bastard.  He’s never going to change, not without hitting bottom.  And he’s never going to hit bottom if you all keep enabling him.

Years ago, Robert Downey, Jr. was high.  All the time.  Repeated arrests and stints in rehab did nothing.  He broke into strangers’ houses and fell asleep because he couldn’t remember where the hell he lived. (He was like Lindsay Lohan, only with talent and charm.)  He finally got tossed into prison for being, well, an idiot.  His idiocy did continue for about another year, but when faced with another prison stint, he cleaned himself up.  He got help for his mental and emotional problems (he’s bipolar).  He got himself together, because he knew that he would die if he didn’t.

Chris Brown isn’t an addict (at least, not that I know of), but there is clearly something wrong with this man.  There might be hope for him if somebody would just stand up to his petty bullying and say, “No more.”  Until then, we’re just going to keep going round and round with this snot.


6 Responses to “Sorry, Chris Brown. I’m judging you.”

  1. 45spin said

    Not a big fan of anyone that is that Narcissistic as a lot “Pop Stars” are these days. But I do have to confess that I was a big fan of James Brown who called himself, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business,” “Mr. Dynamite” and “Soul Brother #1,” so I guess he must not of had any problem with lack of confidence as well. Nice post

    • It’s not obnoxious if it’s true. James Brown was indeed The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. Of course, he had his own run ins with the law, but at least he wasn’t in the news every couple of weeks for being a complete a-hole.

  2. they probably have reserved parking for him

    Ha. Like that.

    When he first appeared, I thought Brown was harmless enough, not my cup of tea but then he just transformed into a complete idiot and has that annoying trait of This Is Everybody’s Fault But Mine every time he opens his mouth.

    • That’s what really gets me about people like him. They just keep claiming that they’re not the problem when it’s obvious that things only go wrong when they’re around. I’ve been unfortunate to actually know people like this.

  3. MD said

    Fuck this assclown and his bullshit video. This has to be the most vain, self-serving piece of shit I’ve ever seen. What the fuck is he doing in space? Saving fucking humanity? Simultaneously promoting the US military (go team!) while synergistically using the military to promote himself as some kind of fucking hero or martyr or some shit? Fuck you Chris Brown, may you eat shit and die with the rest of corporate, brand-conscious hiphop… (also you’re a woman-beating scumbag so double eat-shit.)

    • I didn’t even watch the entire video; maybe I should’ve. But he is a lousy, self-serving little bastard, so I guess all of that doesn’t surprise me. Sounds like he really liked Armageddon, which brings him down even more in my opinion. That was a bad movie.

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