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Repost: “Snow is Gone”

Posted by purplemary54 on November 2, 2013

Since this is a repost, the horoscope mentioned at the beginning is obviously no longer accurate.  I think today’s horoscope said something about thinking for myself.  Like I don’t do too much of that already.  Unfortunately, I also don’t have to worry too much about what my father thinks of my special brand of insanity anymore, either.

My horoscope in the newspaper (yes, I still read the newspaper. . . or at least the funnies, advice columns, and horoscopes) said I should share something beautiful with the world today.  I can’t think of anything more beautiful than pure, unadulterated joy (unless it’s baby animals or good food, but both those things cause joy, so there you go).  And this song is nothing if not joyful.

I smile every time I hear this.  When I’m listening to it at the computer, I’m always a little afraid my father’s going to glance over, see me grinning like a loon, and decide that I’ve finally lost my mind.  But it’s impossible not to smile with this song.  Or sing.  Or dance.  Or all three at once.  The studio version is really good, but this is the rare song that I prefer played live.  And this clip from Josh Ritter playing in Dublin is so foot-stomping, hand-clapping, sing-along happy.  I love how Ritter never once stops smiling through the whole song.  There’s enough joy in this song to power a large city.

It’s a love song, but it’s long been established here that love does not necessarily mean joy.  In the song, there’s a boy singing to a girl he loves.  Or is it a bird?  Or is it the singing itself that he loves?  (Josh Ritter likes to play with our expectations a little bit.  His songs are usually pretty straightforward, but there’s enough space left between the lines that you wonder if maybe he means something else.)  All you really know is that he’s in love with someone or something, and he’s damn well gonna shout it off the rooftops.

Tucked between all that joy spilling out all over the place are a couple of words of wisdom, lyrics that hint what the meaning here really is.  Maybe it isn’t important who or what the object of his love is.  Maybe it doesn’t matter if that love is returned.  Maybe the only thing that really matters is that he loves, period.  Love is hard, real love anyway.  It means opening yourself up to the world in a way that makes you vulnerable, that leaves you open to pain.  It’s a real risk.  But the payoff is amazing.

“I’m singin’ for the love of it, have mercy on the man who sings to be adored.”

“I’d rather be the one who loves, than to be loved and never even know.”

To love anything is beautiful.  Go out and love.  Be beautiful.


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