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“Transgender Dysphoria Blues”

Posted by purplemary54 on November 20, 2013

Awhile back, I commented that there just weren’t that many songs about transgender people.  Maybe that’s because there just haven’t been that many transgender musicians.

That’s changing.

Against Me! is getting to release their new album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues early next year.  Their lead singer, Laura Jane Grace, is a transgender woman.  She used to be Tom Gabel, and although she still sounds like her previous self, Grace’s transition is clearly obvious.  Her vocal style is still a little shouty, but the title track is a good song.  (They got a decent review in the Times for their show at the Troubadour last night.)  Grace’s songwriting has always contained the desire for acceptance that’s so clear in this song.  She is finally able to put the right words to her feelings and fears, but the transition has clearly not changed the band’s style.  They’re the same Punk/Rock band they always were.

That’s the real message of Laura Jane Grace’s transition.  Of any trans person’s transition.  Inside, they’re still the same person they always were.  They’re just finally making the outside match the inside.


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