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As Seen on TV: Doctor Who

Posted by purplemary54 on November 23, 2013

So no one really cares about the music here, except for how it complements the show.  But I’m still a little kerfuffled from watching The Day of the Doctor, which is the big 50th anniversary Doctor Who special that aired today.  I had to record it on the DVR, because I was working during the 75 country simulcast this morning.  (Prime time on the BBC is late morning/early afternoon here in SoCal.)  And I have to say. . .

It was AWESOME!!!

I’ve only been watching the Doctor since he was regenerated back onto TV in 2005.  But it’s great, silly, sci-fi fun.  If you’re a nerd who doesn’t watch Doctor Who, then I’m afraid you’re not really a nerd.  (Sorry, but somebody had to say it.)  I like how the even worked the upcoming Twelfth Doctor into this episode/movie.  They punched all the right buttons and made all the right references–none of which will mean anything to you if you don’t watch, so I won’t make any of them.

Well, just one.  One of my personal favorites:  Bad wolf.

Now go find out what it means.  I’m a little biased, but I don’t think you’ll be sorry.


3 Responses to “As Seen on TV: Doctor Who”

    And yes, but when 10th said ‘did you say bad wolf?’ I was just like ‘ANSWER HIM DAMN IT!!!’
    : )

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