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“She Works Hard for the Money”

Posted by purplemary54 on November 26, 2013

We have a housecleaning service.  It’s one of those things I said I’d never do after I read Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed (btw, if you haven’t read that book, you really should; it’s terrific).  My mother is very concerned about how things look, and likes a clean house.  But she is older and has a bad back, and still works full-time anyway.  I’m lazy and a rotten housekeeper.  I know how to keep a clean house (my mother made sure of that), although there are some things I’m kind of terrible at even when I do them (could someone please show me how to fold fitted sheets neatly?).  I just don’t do it unless I absolutely have to . . . which of course means I end up doing three times as much work as if I’d kept up with it in the first place.

So we have housecleaners come in every two weeks to handle the stuff I’d just neglect if it were left up to me.  I handle laundry, dishes, and litter box cleaning.  We do daily upkeep.  It seems to be working out.  I still feel a little odd having someone else take care of my dirt, but I try to be polite, offer them water if they want it, and stay out of their way.  And I always tip.

So this one goes out to my cleaning ladies, and to all the cleaning ladies out there in the world.  And the sales clerks, and bank tellers, and garbage collectors, and food servers, and everyone else who works way too hard for way too little.  I hope the world someday learns that you’re the people who really make things work.


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