Dec. 8th


Today’s the anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination.  As we remember his vision of a world at peace, we also continue to mourn the death of a leader who did everything he could to bring that vision into reality.

The holiday season is filled with both great love and generosity, and great consumerism and waste.  If you’re buying gifts, try to buy things people will use.  Things that might not be necessary, but that will be loved.  If you have a little extra, give some of it to someone who doesn’t.  Be kind not just to everyone else, but to yourself.  If you’re alone, maybe you can give the gift of life to a shelter animal (and the gift of companionship to yourself).  Do something that makes someone smile.  And be sure to put some change in the red buckets of the Salvation Army.  The good you put out into the world will come back to you tenfold.

Imagine a world that is a better than it was yesterday.

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